KCL Testimonial | TUFF Superseal® Chains

KCL have seen the benefits of partnering with @mainlinetrack for their undercarriage needs. With the original chains (on 600mm wide shoes) being replaced after 5000 hours, KCL upgraded to our TUFF Superseal® chains with 800mm wide shoes, which have now done almost 6000 hours with minimal wear.

Here’s what ‘AM Hire’ has to say after 3 years of working with Mainline Track

This is AM Hire’s response after working with Mainline Track for three years. We’re here to solve those unwanted problems, so don’t wait, jump aboard!

Mark’s word about Superseal® after 3000 hours in steep forestry terrain

Mark from Castle Rock Contracting never got more than 3000 hours out of other aftermarket chains due to the steep and unforgiving terrain found in New Zealand’s forestry industry, and yet the Superseal® chains at 3000 hours have as little as 20% wear on them.

Mainline Track is all for being innovative, here’s Dean’s plan to reach 10,000 hours!

Mainline Track is all for being innovative, check out how Dean plans to get 10,000 hours before rebuilding the undercarriage again!