Can I convert my digger from steel to rubber tracks or Visa-Versa?

Yes, this can be done on most models often still using the same rollers, idlers, and sprockets. Give us a call with the Make and Model of your machine and our friendly staff can advise.

Why is my rubber track coming off?

The most important factor in preventing de-tracking is to ensure the track tension is correct and the undercarriage is kept clean.

How to measure a rubber track?

Every machine has their own standard track size, it is important to know the Make, Model and Dash that’s all we need and our friendly staff can advise correct track. Sometimes the tracks have the size stamped on the bottom of the track. Numbers are a reference to the Size for example 230x48x70 230 is width, 48 is pitch and 70 is number of links.

How to adjust the track to the correct tension on a skid steer?

1. Drive machine forward to ensure the tracks are evenly tensioned across the entire UC. 2. Level and lower the bucket to the ground. 3. Raise the front of the machine off the ground approximately 8″ utilizing bucket down pressure. 4. Measure track sag by measuring the distance from the inside edge of the track to the bottom edge of the middle mid roller. The clearance for small machines should be 25mm while large machines are 50mm. Note – We advise you to adjust according to the service manual for the machine. Remember to be safe at all times!