Why should I pay more for rubber tracks than other aftermarket options such as our TUFF® range, Rubber Track Warehouse and Porters?

Well, the way CAMSO put it is because their whole business (and there is quite a bit of it! – they have 12,000 employees in 26 countries with 22 manufacturing plants) makes rubber products that deliver the lowest operating cost solution.

Hang on, didn’t we just say that CAMSO is more expensive? Yes but put simply, they give guaranteed superior performance, last longer and therefore CAMSO tracks cost less throughout the normal life of your machine.

In fact, its been proven that 3 replacement CAMSO tracks will last the same time as 5 replacement rubber tracks at ‘typical’ Chinese level quality on a construction site test machine. They say a picture paints a thousand words so let the below table do the talking.



As the preferred supplier of OEM equipment manufactures’ throughout the world (CAMSO is owned by Michelin and they supply 60% of the OEM world demand for rubber tracks), you can be assured that when we use the word ‘quality’ we are meaning you get tangible benefit. While you make the decision to spend a little more now, you won’t be replacing them in a hurry, neither will you have the downtime or inconvenience of a breakage out on the job. To round it off your backed up by a world leading warranty!

This commitment to quality (they have 200 people working in R&D alone!) is why the CAMSO product comes with a 30 month or 2,500 hour warranty. Compare that to the average after market warranty in New Zealand of 12 months – serious peace of mind!

If you want a little more proof of quality, you may find these real life tests conducted by CAMSO interesting:

The first step involved operating a 3.5t machine non-stop for 150hours – this was to prove the durability of the rubber compound as well as the thickness of the rubber around the carcass compared to standard aftermarket rubber.



An additional key benefit of CAMSO tracks is the tread design and patented internal core that reduces vibration. Another real life test is shown below where the CAMSO product was 42% lower in vibration to its competitors. This greatly improves driver comfort with a whole lot less aggression on the undercarriage and machine itself.



So in summary, with CAMSO rubber tracks you are buying performance peace of mind and ensuring that your money goes further!




CAMSO Global Manufacturing Facilities. Continuity of supply guaranteed through their ability to produce product across the globe with no overreliance on any one nation.