Squeaking chains after 1000 hours? Sprockets jumping after 2000 hours? Chains seizing, pitch stretching or shoes coming loose? Sound familiar?

We’re pleased to announce a unique design development for track chains – this has involved creating tooling and dies to include a seal within the chains that retains grease and excludes moisture thereby meeting head on the problem of internal chain wear!

With product trials over a long period of time including putting chains in extreme conditions (both very wet and very dry), the die for the seal has been perfected and the New Zealand made seal, assembled into OEM spec chains are now ready for New Zealand operators.

The only question in our minds is why hasn’t this been done before?  This long-overdue breakthrough is yours to take advantage of, bringing exponential value in increased chain life and increased machine & driver comfort thanks to longer lubrication & quieter tracking.

Above: TUFF® Superseal® branded chains

If the above can’t convince you, then here are some serious facts:

  • 50% longer lubrication in the joints
  • 25% longer chain life
  • 50% quieter throughout the life of the chain

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We’re committed to innovation and providing products that add true value to our customers. Watch our website as we roll out more exciting developments later this year.