Possibly the best feature of a drill is that it comes with a range of attachments – effectively turning it into multiple tools in one.

That is, any drill worth your time and money will come with drill attachments, just like the reputable Auger Torque range.

Mainline Track is a proud supplier of Auger Torque as it includes all your drill attachment needs for industrial and agriculture earth drilling.

But just how many uses could there be for an earth drill? Drilling the Earth is, after all, quite a simple concept. Well in this blog,

we dig into the many applications of Auger Torque earth drills and how their versatility may surprise you.

Residential Landscaping and Construction

Let’s start small. The narrowest of Auger Torque’s earth drill attachments measures 100mm in diameter and is suitable for the smallest four models on the drive unit range – X2000, X2500, 3500 MAX and 4500 MAX.

This size drill attachment is ideal for drilling small fence posts. The four smaller drive units upon which the 100mm attaches are designed to be used on mini excavators or skid steer loaders.

Inspecting Ground Conditions

With Auger Torque’s extension shafts of either 1 or 3 metres, it can be possible to observe the ground conditions to a depth of up to 9 metres with some drive units and attachments.

The shallow pitch flights on Auger Torque’s drill attachments makes it easier to keep the excavated spoil secure on each flight for operators to measure moisture content and earth composition before it is disposed of.

This is a helpful application to understand the geology you’re managing in many situations, such as pipe installation and broader excavation projects.

Pipe Installation

No matter what pipe you’re installing, from small, gutter runoff installations, to larger, sewer access projects, the Auger Torque range is sure to offer a suitable attachment.

Once you know your diameter – up to a maximum of 1500mm – the only task before getting to work will be selecting your drive unit.

Larger manhole projects would likely call for a diameter above 1000mm and the largest drive unit, the 25000 MAX. This unit is suitable for 15-22t excavators so make sure you’ve got this in your arsenal before investing in an earth drill.


Earth drills and their attachments are a great way to chew through hard to excavate rocks and clay, thanks to their mechanical power and optional tooth attachments.

If your project involves significant excavation, including swimming pools trenches, a gutsy earth drill may be just the tonic to get you started.

Once these tough to move materials are identified, send an auger in there and see if you can’t bring it up with the power of Auger Torque.

Mainline Track

Offering a wide range of Auger Torque products, Mainline Track has your drill attachment needs covered. To learn more about our range or for a quote on any of the above listed products, get in touch via our website, or call 0800 551 201.