Excavator Buckets & Attachments

The TUFFBucket® range of digger buckets and excavator attachments have been designed and developed with the user in mind and in consideration of the most adverse working conditions New Zealand can produce. The exclusive range is fabricated in New Zealand to a high specification using superior grade wear resistant steel and top-quality parts supported by our TUFF® 24month product warranty.

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TUFFBucket® Maxi-Tilt Buckets

Designed by our experts and tested in the harshest environment the TUFFBucket® Tilt bucket is the ultimate attachment for shaping and finishing work.

All our tilt buckets are twin cylinder making them strong, firm, and powerful. The cylinders are single acting displacement type. This means there are fewer seals and moving parts. The ram spears are Induction hardened so they can withstand impact and wear with damage. The tilt buckets only require a total of 2 hydraulic hoses.

The shape of these buckets is brilliant for drain cleaning. The large hydraulic cylinders will allow you to tilt the bucket to 45 degree’s each way and when you remove it from the machine it will sit on the floor of the bucket without falling over on its back making it easier to connect with your hitch and preventing it from filling with water while not in use.

TUFFBucket® Warranty
24 Months
Advantages of a TUFFBucket® Maxi-Tilt Bucket
  • Twin Cylinder for greater strength and Power
  • Wear strips come as standard for longer life
  • 45 degrees of tilt each way
  • Bisalloy cutting edge and side cutters
  • Unique Chassis system for remarkable strength
  • Induction Hardened ram spears
  • Smart design with a forward centre of balance
  • Simple robust design with fewer moving parts
  • Only two hoses to worry about
  • No extra bits required as they come with Pins and hoses fitted
  • Single rib for strength
  • No clogging of sticky soil
  • Clean top of bucket so soil can fall out
  • Brilliant break out force
  • Big tough 24-month warrantee
Maxi-Tilt Bucket Specifications

TUFFBucket® Clamp Buckets

Clamp Buckets are an advanced concept in attachments and offer superior functionality. The exceptionally durable bucket is fitted with a ‘thumb’, allowing the operator to pick up items while still moving within the full crowding range of the excavator.

These heavy-duty buckets are fitted with an oversized cylinder which provides extra pressure and allows the operator to bran and move extremely large items. Ears are positions on both sides of the cylinder protecting it from any damage, and a check valve is fitted to prevent the dropping of any item, should the excavator suddenly lose hydraulic pressure.

From handling waste, brush, and logs to moving stones, pipes and landscaping materials, the Clamp Bucket is suited to a wide variety of applications. But where is really shines in on demolition sites, where the extra functionality makes it ideal for everything from tearing down concrete structures and sorting debris, to separating steel from the rubble and loading it onto trucks.

TUFFBucket® Warranty
24 Months
Clamp Bucket Specifications

TUFFBucket® Trenching Spade

The Trenching Spade is an extremely useful tool, designed to be used in clay and other sticky materials where the clogging of a conventional trenching bucket can cause problems.

Complete with a Hardox cutting edge, this attachment is brilliant for precise trenching where accurate and clean trench walls are required.

We have a range of different widths in stock now to suit machines from 1-20t and will even manufacture one specifically to the dimensions you require.

TUFFBucket® Warranty
24 Months
Trenching Spade Specifications

TUFFBucket® Stick Rake

The Stick Rake is the ultimate attachment for land clearing, rock sorting, recycling, and loading.

Our rakes are made from high quality steel and will handle the rough treatment stick rakes are expected to endure.

The Stick Rake allows you to remove vegetation but leave the soil behind. The shape of these rakes is designed to allow the operator to easily scoop up the materials. When working with trees the logs will sit nicely in the rake without sliding out.

Our customers use the rakes for raking up loose stone and sifting rock from soil piles.

When raking scrub gorse and cleaning up slash the Bizalloy 400 tips will pluck out the roots leaving the ground clean and tidy.

The rake can be easily be turned around and used in the push away from the machine motion.

TUFFBucket® Warranty
24 Months
Stick Rake Specifications

TUFFBucket® Ripper Pick

The Ripper pick is an essential attachment for digger operators.

This single shank ripper is uniquely shaped to give maximum point loading. Constructed from quality high grade steel, this ripper can tackle any mission.

Our customers use these rippers for, tearing up hard ground, tarmac, and concrete. Ripping through tree roots and quarry applications.

The larger rippers from 5 ton up have a replaceable tooth. The smaller rippers have a simple welded bizalloy insert.

With a solid and simple design and a very affordable price tag, these rippers will last you a lifetime.

TUFFBucket® Warranty
24 Months
Ripper Pick Specifications

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