Being one of the greatest tools on your site, an auger is the ideal addition to any tradie’s repertoire. With a multitude of different types available, an auger comes in many shapes, sizes and uses. There are augers for drilling small holes, digging soil and augers for transporting soil and grain. Easing strain on the user, an auger makes light work of a heavy task. For all your auger requirements including the Auger Torque brand and accessories, Mainline Track has you covered.

What is an Auger

An auger is often used to drill holes in the ground but works on a range of materials and surfaces. Consisting of a blade called a “flighting”, an auger rotates its blades, cutting, scraping or siphoning out either the soil or ice. Often found on sites, an auger is a popular tool in gardening, landscaping and excavating jobs. These spiral shaped tools have been around for centuries as they are one of the most dependable and versatile tools on the market.

Types of Augers

There are a range of different augers available, suited to varying tasks. Made from different materials for different substances and surfaces, an auger can be used manually by hand or attached to a tractor with an electric motor. Each auger is suited to the job at hand and cannot be interchangeable; you can’t use an ice auger for earth.

Advantages of Using an Auger

Easy to use, freeing people from physical labour, an auger offers freedom of use in any circumstance. Whether you’re on site moving heavy soil or planting some bulbs in the garden at home, augers make light work of hard jobs.

Typically used for industrial projects or on construction sites, auger’s are durable and reliable. This speciality tool is a neat way to move and drill, plus you can attach an array of tools to your auger to facilitate your tasks with ease.

Augers at Mainline Track

Offering an array of auger attachments and an auger drive unit from Auger Torque, Mainline Track has your auger needs sorted.

Auger Torque Earth Drill

This auger features high quality hydraulic motors and output shaft bearings, made from the highest-calibre materials. Designed to work with all makes and models of it’s parent machine, the Auger Torque Earth Drill provides peace of mind combined with efficiency. Versatile with a multitude of attachments, this auger is sure to deliver time and time again, whatever the job.

Auger Torque Attachments

Heavy duty with maximum efficiency and high grade steel, Auger Torque auger attachments come in a multitude of styles; suitable for any job you have at hand. With an industry leading reputation, these auger attachments never lose their auger teeth and keep the spoil on flights when removed from the hole.

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