Bulldozer Undercarriage

Our range of heavy-duty bulldozer undercarriage is manufactured by DOZCO to world class standards, guaranteeing the most effective cost-per-hour performance. The heat treatment process, lifetime seals and virgin Tata steel used in the manufacturing process means you can operate with real peace of mind – no more premature failure frustrations.

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SALT Track Groups & SALT Chain Assy

Our Italian designed (S.A.L.T) sealed and lubricated track groups are manufactured using world class raw materials so you can be assured of the lowest operating cost per hour. Our enhanced seal design and unique heat treatment on the rails and bushes extends serviceability ensuring you can operate with serious peace of mind. The track shoes and link surfaces are ground to ensure metal contact then bolted to factory torque settings, eliminating any chance of shoes coming loose. All come with split master links for ease of joining and 100% guaranteed lubrication.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
How Can You Recognise the Wear Patterns of Track Links?
Bulldozer track links wear on the bush surface and rail surface, as these chains are oil filled the pitch should never change, unlike excavator chains.

  • Bush diameter is one measurement that defines the wear factor, a specific measurement of the surface diameter defines when the chain is 100% worn out. This measurement varies between bulldozer types and sizes, please give us a call with this measurement and we can advise you the life percentage left in chain.
  • Other measurement for wear is the rail height and it depends on the terrain and soil type as to which will wear first, the rail or bush. This measurement also varies between bulldozer types and sizes, please give us a call with this measurement and we can advise you the life percentage left in chain.
  • Failure in loss of oil in links can occur in poor quality chains or if machine is fitted with over width shoes for working conditions. This must be repaired immediately, or links and segments will be destroyed quickly. If this occurs in more than one link it may be more cost effective to replace with new chains.
  • Cracked bushes can also occur also found in poor quality chains or chains not tensioned correctly, the oil will be lost, and chains will be destroyed quickly. Replace chains.
  • Recommended not to fit new chains on rollers over 50% worn as the wearing surface will not be matching. This will increase rail wear on new chains.
How Can I Increase Life of My Track Chains?
  • Choose correct shoe width for soil conditions.
  • Ensure correct undercarriage alignment is maintained.
  • Maintain correct track tension refer to manual.
  • Reduce travel speed where possible.
  • Wear rates are increased by increased turning.
  • Excessive reverse travel increases bush and sprocket wear.

Dozer Track Shoes

Our Italian made track shoes are available in a range of widths with standard and extreme service (ESS) options. We can customize to suit your application including a range of forged swamp (apex) track shoes. All shoes are heat treated to ensure maximum life is performed then shot blasted to remove scale and lightly painted.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
How to Recognise the Wear Patterns of Track Shoes and When to Change Them?
Bulldozer track shoes need to be replaced if the grouser or lugs are worn down when the machine has lost the desired traction. Larger machines can be effective to re lug, Caterpillar D6 size or down is more cost effective to replace the shoes.

If the shoes on your bulldozer are bending or cracking, it maybe because they are too wide for the application or that they have worn out.

What Track Shoe Width Is for You?
A track shoe width should be adjusted to suit the terrain on which the machine is working. The more width gives you more flotation and versatility but less manoeuvrability and structural life. The wider the shoes, the higher the pressure on the links, pins, and the bushes. A track shoe that is too wide for the ground conditions will increase the wear process of all undercarriage parts and consequently increase the chance of a chain breakage.

We have track shoes available between 250-960mm

Feel free to give us a call to discuss what shoe size is best for you.

Track Rollers & Carrier Rollers (Top & Bottom Rollers)

Our DOZCO rollers are made in Japan and with this quality comes our 2500hr warranty. With only 20% of NZ roller supply coming from factories other than China we are pleased to be part of that minority offering genuine OEM quality manufacturing.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
How Can You Recognise the Wear Patterns of Top and Bottom Rollers?
  • Top and Bottom rollers wear on the running surface which reduces the diameter of the roller, a specific measurement of the running surface diameter defines when the roller is 100% run out. This measurement varies between bulldozer types and sizes, please give us a call and we can provide what measurement is required based on your dozer.
  • The flanges wear if you are doing a lot of hillside work and turning excessively. Can also be increased significantly if track guards are not fitted and maintained to the right tolerance.
  • Flat spots on the rollers are caused by packing of material around roller preventing it from turning or seizing of bearing. Regular cleaning prevents packing. Replace roller as continual use will increase wear on rails.
How to Avoid Premature Failure on Bulldozer’s Bottom Rollers?
  • Bottom rollers provide the undercarriage clearance height. The combination of the link height and the installation height of the bottom roller defines the undercarriage height increase. There is consequently no load on the front wheel, the sprocket and the final drive of the machine. When the chain links and the bottom rollers wear, the machine’s undercarriage will drop, so that the load is exerted on the front wheel, the sprocket and the drive motor. It is always recommended to replace idlers and bottom rollers as a set so that the machine weight is not carried by a singular roller as this will cause overload and premature failure which will void warranty.
  • Regular cleaning of packed material around rollers.
  • Minimise high speed and long traveling at any one time.

Idler Groups

Our Italian made idler assemblies are precision made to world class standards. Using the latest technology available in the heat treatment process and seal manufacturing, they have been proved in the most arduous conditions in the world. Our Bulldozer idlers are cast type classified as heavy duty over against fabricated or welded type commonly found on the market.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
How Can You Recognise the Wear Patterns of the Idler?
  • Track links wear on the idler running surface. A specified measurement from the centre rib to the running surface defines when the idler is 100% worn out. This measurement varies between bulldozer types and sizes, please give us a call and we can provide what measurement is required based on your dozer.
  • If the sides of the grousers (centre rib) show signs of side wear, or the idler rubs against the side of the frame, then the track link is not in line with the idler. This may be caused by a cracked frame, worn mounting arms, worn slide in the frame, a broken axle, or a defective tension device. Excessive turning can also cause centre rib wear.
  • If the bearing is defective and has lost oil, idler will need replacing immediately before there is further damage to any other components.
  • Wear on the top of centre rib is caused by bush contact if excessive wear or soil compaction in frame behind idler.

Segment Groups

Our forged sprockets are heat treated and machined to maximize the life of the chain.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
Important Things to Consider When Replacing Sprocket Segments:
  • With very worn rollers, fitting new sprockets will put extra weight on the drive motor causing vibration which will result in damage to the machine and sprockets. It is advised that you check your rollers to avoid this problem. Not apply to high drive machines.
  • It is also recommended to fit with new sprocket bolts, grade 12.9 and torque to the Machines specifications. This is due to the fact that over time they can corrode and lose their retention resulting in damage to sprockets and the hub.
How Can You Recognise the Wear Patterns of Sprocket Segments?
  • Chips or wear in outer corners of teeth are caused by high impact conditions, misalignment of chains or too high track tension.
  • Another common wear pattern for sprockets and segments is the lateral wear. This is caused by (among others) worn chain guides, a twisted undercarriage, or poor guiding of the front idler. Can also be caused by the filtration of hard materials between the bushings and the sprockets, or by incorrect alignment.
  • Sometimes the machine’s sprockets or segments are sharp, but the track links appear to be in reasonable condition. We are frequently asked whether the sprockets still need to be changed. The only reason why a sprocket becomes sharp is through the chain’s increased pitch. An increase in pitch creates more play between the pin and the bushing. As a result, the chain’s bushing no longer runs in line with the hollow part of the sprocket. This causes wear on the sprockets and the points become sharp. If replacing very worn sprockets without replacing the chains the bushes on the chain will load up the points of the teeth and will cause banging or jumping of the chain damaging the drive motors, sprockets, and chains. Same when replacing new chains always replace with new sprockets.
  • You can get increased life from your chains if you replace the segments before the end of the chain life cycle; that way the undercarriage can be used for a few hundred more hours. Only recommended if the pitch has not been extended or still a fully sealed chain.

Track and Segment Bolts & Nuts

Our bulldozer bolts and nuts are made in Italy to the highest specification which is at a quality grade of 12.9. They are all are forged from alloy steel and have been subjected to a special heat treatment in accordance with OEM specifications. It’s a must to only fit OEM grade bolts and nuts to your chains as once the shoe comes loose its most likely they will never stay tight again.
DOZCO Warranty
18 Months or 2500 Hours
Torque Settings for Track Bolt’s & Nuts
How Important Is It to Replace Bolt’s & Nuts?
We recommend to always replace bolts and nuts when overhauling, as the torque is no longer reached on reassembly. In 90% of cases, reusing bolts and nuts causes loose shoes. This will enlarge the bolt holes in the track shoes, causing the links to become damaged as well. This means that the track shoes and possibly the track link will need to be replaced and will void warranty in some applications.

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